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Dr. Matthias Weidinger
Lehrstuhl für Theoretische Physik IV
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Universitätsstr. 150
D-44780 Bochum

Tel.: +49 (0)234 32 23779

Picture of Matthias Weidinger

I used to be a graduate student and a member of the GRK 1147 (Graduiertenkolleg Theoretische Astrophysik und Teilchenphysik). I recently finished my PhD thesis, now available via OPUS. The talk of my defense (Promotionskolloquium, including all the backup slides) is available here (pdf, ~29MB), both documents are in German. The M.Sc. thesis can still be found here (pdf, ~3MB). NOTE: I transfered to TPIV@RUB! See http://www.tp4.rub.de/~mweidinger for an up-to-date homepage.This website is no longer maintained!


Note that this list is not updated any more, see my new homepage instead.

  • Weidinger, M., Rüger, M. and Spanier, F.: Modelling the steady state spectral energy distribution of the BL-Lac Object PKS 2155-304 using a selfconsistent SSC model. Astrophys. Space Sci. Trans. 7(2010). [arXiv, ADS]
  • Weidinger, M. and Spanier, F.: Modelling the variability of 1ES1218+30.4. A&A 515(2010). [arXiv, ADS]
  • Weidinger, M. and Spanier, F.: Modelling the emission from blazar jets - the case of PKS 2155-304. Int. J. Mod. Phys. D, 19.6(2010), HEPRO II conference proceedings, ed. G. Romero, F. Aharonian and J. Paredes. [arXiv, ADS]
  • Weidinger, M. and Spanier, F.: Particle acceleration in Blazars. IAUS, 274(2011), Advances in Plasma Astrophysics conference proceedings, ed. A. Bonanno, E. de Gouveia das Pino and A. Kosovichev. [ADS]
  • Spanier, F. and Weidinger, M.: Hadronic Modeling of AGN Variability. Int. J. Mod. Phys. Conference Series, 8(2012) 293-298, HEPRO III conference proceedings, ed. J. Paredes, M. Ribo, F. Aharonian and G. Romero. [Journal Article]
  • Weidinger, M. and Spanier, F.: Variability along the Blazar-Sequence - Hints for extragalactic Cosmic Rays? ICRC2011 OG1.2, #0019(2011), conference proceedings of the 32nd ICRC 2011. [arXiv, ADS]
  • The MAGIC Collaboration and Weidinger, M.: Discovery of VHE gamma-ray emission from the BL Lacertae object B3 2247+381 with the MAGIC telescopes. A&A 539(2012). [arXiv, ADS]

Talks, Posters

  • "Zweizonen SSC-Modell: Gamma-Emission in Jets von aktiven Galaxien", Talk (German), 2008, Astrophysical Seminar (Univ. Würzburg): pdf (tex), avi (h264).
  • "Variability of Blazars: A two zone SSC model", Talk, 2009, GRK Workshop (Univ. Würzburg): pdf (tex).
  • "Modelling the Variability of Blazar Jets - A selfconsistent SSC Model", Talk, 2009, GRK Days (Samerberg): pdf (tex)
  • "Modelling the Variability of Blazar Jets - A selfconsistent SSC Model", Talk, 2009, High Energy Phenomena in Relativistic Outflows II (Buenos Aires): pdf (tex)
  • "Spine-Layer Models: properties and emission", Talk, 2010, Astrophysical Seminar (Univ. Würzburg): pdf (tex)
  • "Analysis of Blazar-Flares", Talk, 2010, DPG-Tagung (Univ. Bonn): pdf (tex)
  • "The Outbursts of Blazars in Terms of Models", Talk, 2010, High-Energy Astrophysics Miniworkshop Ohio University (Athens, OH): pdf (tex)
  • "Variability along the Blazar-Sequence", Talk, 2010, GRK 1147 Seminar (Univ. Würzburg): pdf (tex)
  • "Variability along the Blazar-Sequence - Hints for extragalactic Cosmic Rays?", Talk, 2011, 32nd ICRC (Beijing): pdf (tex)
  • "Model(l)ing Variability along the Blazar-Sequence (recent progress in timedependent hadronic models)", Talk, 2011, Symposium on High Energy Astrophysics Ohio University (Athens, OH): pdf (tex)
  • "Blazar variability and implications (GRK 1147 final report)", Talk, 2012, GRK 114 Seminar (Univ. Würzburg): pdf (tex)
  • "The Blazar-Sequence as Blazar evolution?", Talk, 2012, DPG-Tagung (Univ. Stuttgart): pdf (tex)


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