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Lehrstuhl für Astronomie

AG Mannheim · AG Kadler· AG Dröge


Astronomy experiences an era of ground-breaking discoveries that change our picture of the structure and evolution of the Universe in a fundamental way.

Using modern technology, telescopes and instruments reach unprecedented levels of sensitivity and resolution. Observations can be carried out in all bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves to gamma rays.               

In astroparticle physics, cosmic ray particles and extraterrestrial neutrinos provide additional information.                               

New vistas of the Universe have revealed many details that challenge our understanding of physics on large scales.

At the Chair for Astronomy, we are interested in cosmic accelerators, solar particles and dark matter.  Research activities include:

  • Astronomical multi-wavelength observations (space-based and ground-based observatories)
  • Analysis of data from particle experiments in the heliospheric plasma
  • Development of theoretical models for the interpretation of data
  • Planning of new instruments for gamma-ray and neutrino astronomy

Right: Bronze sculpture "Sonnenzeichen" of Max Walter created 1982 for the 400-year anniversary of the University's new foundation and placed next to the Library at Campus Hubland.