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FRanconian Astronomy Neighborhood Collaboration Incentive 2014

The FRANCI meeting has been an annual one-day meeting of the Dr. Remeis Sternwarte and ECAP (Erlangen-Nuernberg University) and the Chair of Astronomy (Wuerzburg University) since 2013. The goal of this meeting is 

  • to bring together the different astrophysically related groups from our institute
  • maintain and intensify the good local collaboration (professionally and socially)
  • present current research activity


FRANCI '14 takes place at the Dr. Remeis Sternwarte (Sternwartstraße 7, 96046 Bamberg) on Friday, July 4 2014 at 10:00 o'clock. The second FRANCI features talks from Master and PhD students as well as Post-Docs. 


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