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Block Lecture on Numerical Simulations of Relativistic Jets

August 1-3, 2016
Professor Manel Perucho (Univ. Valencia)
Topic: Numerical Simulations of Relativistic Jets
Room 02.010; Building 31 (Astronomy), Campus North
Time: 10am - 11:30am

Part 1: Relativistic jets at kiloparsec scales.

 Fanaroff-Riley type 2 (FRII) jets show remarkable collimation at long distances, whereas FRI jets are decelerated and disrupted at some distance from the formation region. In this lecture I will discuss the evolution of radio sources, the stability properties of relativistic flows and the processes that explain jet deceleration. Furthermore, the impact of jets on the interstellar and/or intergalactic medium can have a relevant effect on the evolution of the host galaxy in the case of AGN as it shocks and heats the gas, possibly quenching any further star-formation in the galaxy. I will discuss the mechanisms in which this process could occur and their effect on the galaxy.
Part 2: Numerical hydrodynamics.

The impossibility to study astrophysical processes in the lab has promoted numerical simulations to become the laboratory in which those scenarios are studied. In this lecture, I will give a short introduction to the numerical techniques that are used to solve the equations of relativistic hydrodynamics and magneto-hydrodynamics. I will also discuss the advantages and limitations of these techniques. After a theoretical introduction, the practical session will be focused on the solution to the Riemann problem using different methods and on the analysis of the results obtained.