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Prof. Dr. Matthias Kadler, Universität Würzburg






  • 05/2017: Congratulations to Alexander Kappes for submitting his MSc. thesis


  • 04/2017: 
    • Congratulations to Paul Ray Burd for submitting his MSc. thesis
    • Congratulations to Michael Seeg for submitting his BSc. thesis


  • 02/2017: 
    • Congratulations to Stefan Lindeholz for submitting his BSc. thesis
    • Congratulations to Lukas Schrenk for submitting his BSc. thesis


  • 01/2017:  Congratulations to Jonas Trüstedt for successfully defending his PhD



  • 09/2016:
    • New paper available "The MHz-peaked radio spectrum of the unusual γ-ray source PMN J1603-4904" (Müller et al, 2016,  A&A in press, arXiv:1609.01992)
    • New paper available "A highly magnetized twin-jet base pinpoints a supermassive black hole" (Baczko et al, A&A in press, arXiv:1605.07100)
  • 08/2016: Congratulations to Manuel Dörr  for submitting his BSc. thesis


  • 07/2016: 
    • Congratulations to Jonas Trüstedt for submitting his PhD thesis
    • Congratulations to Robert Schulz for successfully defending his PhD
    • Congratulations to Juliane Wiehl  for submitting her BSc. thesis
  • 06/2016: Congratulations to Felicia Krauß for successfully defending her PhD




  • 02/2016: New paper available "Coincidence of a high-fluence blazar outburst with a PeV-energy neutrino event " (Kadler et al. 2016, submitted to Nature Physics, minor revision requested, arXiv:1602.02012)

  • 01/2016: New paper available "Radio and Gamma-ray Properties of Extragalactic Jets from the TANAMI Sample" (Böck et al. 2016, A&A in press, arXiv: link)
  • 12/2015: Congratulations to Amar Hekalo for submitting his BSc thesis "Four years of TANAMI VLBI observations of the unusual gamma-ray
    source PMN J1603−4904".


  • 11/2015: 
      • Würzburg University has joined the German Long Wavelength Consortium (GLOW, link)
      • Two new papers available:
        • "The Gamma-Ray Emitting Radio-Loud Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxy PKS 2004-447 I. The X-ray View" (Kreikenbohm et al. 2015, A&A accepted, arXiv: link)
        • "The Gamma-Ray Emitting Radio-Loud Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxy PKS 2004-447 II. The Radio View" (Schulz et al. 2015, A&A accepted, arXiv: link)
      • 09.-13.11.2015: Find us at the Sixth International Fermi Symposium in Arlington, VA, USA (link)
    • 09/2015: Cornelia Müller has been awarded the Promotion Prize of the Astronomische Gesellschaft for the best astronomical PhD thesis of the past year. The online-magazine of the university einBlick also published an article (in German): Link
    • 08/2015: 
      • New paper available: "A Variable-Density Absorption Event in NGC 3227 mapped with Suzaku and Swift" (Beuchert et al. 2015, A&A accepted, arXiv link)
      • Congratulations to Michael Kreter for finishing and submitting his MSc thesis on "Search for neutrinos from flaring blazars"
    • 07/2015: 
      • Guest Professor in July: Prof. M. Perucho (University of Valencia)
      • New TANAMI paper available: "TANAMI: Multiwavelength and multimessenger observations of active galaxies" (Kadler et al. 2015, Astronomische Nachrichten, 336, 599; Jorunal link, arXiv link)
      • Farewell to Dr. Cornelia Müller (Homepage link), who is starting a new position at Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands as a member of the BlackHoleCam Team

    • 06/2015: Congratulations to Dorit Glawion for receiving her PhD
    • 05/2015: Congratulations to Anne-Kathrin Baczko for submitting and finishing her MSc thesis

    • 04/2015: New joint TANAMI and ANTARES paper: "ANTARES constrains a blazar origin of two IceCube PeV neutrino events" (Antares Collaboration et al. 2015, A&A, 576, L8; Journal link; arXiv link)
      • Featured research highlight in Nature (16 April 2015, link)


    • 03/2015: Congratulations to Andrea Gokus and Christoph Bürkel for submitting their BSc and MSc thesis, respectively.


    • 02/2015: New Publications available:
      • Paper in Astronomy & Astrophysics: "Redshifted Fe Kalpha line from the unusual gamma-ray source PMN J1603-4904" (Müller et al. 2015, A&A 574, A117; Link)
      • Proceeding to the 2014 Fermi Symposium: "TANAMI counterparts to IceCube high-energy neutrino events" (Krauß et al. 2015, arXiv:1502.02147; Link)
      • Proceeding to the 12th European VLBI Network Symposium and Users Meeting: 
        • "Consequences of a possible jet-star interaction in the inner central parsec of Centaurus A" (C. Müller et al. 2015, arXiv:1502.02879; Link)
        • "The EVN view of the highly variable TeV active galaxy IC 310" (R. Schulz et al. 2015, aXiv:1502:03559; Link)