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Prof. Dr. Matthias Kadler, Universität Würzburg



Jonas Trüstedt


Phone: +49931/3186412

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My research focuses on characteristic properties of blazars in low frequency observations with LOFAR. I am currently working on the complete flux-limited MOJAVE1-Sample using the LOFAR allsky-survey MSSS. I compare the flux densities in the low frequencies (120-160 MHz) with simultaneous single-dish-observations at 15 GHz (OVRO) and 15 GHz VLBI data (MOJAVE). We also want to study the structure of the AGN in the low frequency bands comparing them with VLA-images to probe the AGN standard model.
Additional to this I continue to work on the kinematic studies and structural evolution of AGN on VLBI-scales using data of the TANAMI project.











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Conferences/Summer Schools

  • 2015 LOFAR long baseline workshop, ASTRON
  • 2014 LOFAR 3rd Data processing school, ASTRON
  • 2014 EVN Meeting, Cagliari, talk on "The MOJAVE Blazar Sample at Low Radio Frequencies"
  • 2014 LOFAR Science, Amsterdam, talk on "The MOJAVE Blazar Sample at Low Radio Frequencies"
  • 2013 ASTRON/JIVE, Dwingeloo, European Radio Interferometry School (ERIS2013), participant



  • Teaching Assistant (Measurement Error Analysis, Introduction to Astrophysics, Atmospheric and space physics, modern astrophysics: extragalactic jets)
  • Supervisor (fundamental lab course ,astronomical lab course)