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Dr. Natalia Lewandowska


Phone: +49931/3181399

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My research is focused on the emission from fast rotating, highly magnetized neutron stars, commonly referred to as pulsars. In spite of several decades of continuous studies, the way their emission is generated is still not understood.
The focus of my studies lies on a special kind of pulsar radio emission known as giant pulses. These single pulses display different characteristics than the regular radio emission from a pulsar and have so far been observed only in a handful of pulsars. The first pulsar discovered by its giant pulse emission was the Crab pulsar, which I observed with the Effelsberg radio telescope during my PhD studies.
My further research interests include nulling, drifting subpulses, giant micropulses and spiky emission, all of them commonly referred to as anomalous single radio pulses in the literature.


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Observing Experience:

Radio Telescopes:
2012 - 2013: Observations of giant pulse emitting pulsars with 
the Effelsberg radio telescope
Observations of the Crab pulsar with the Effelsberg radio telescope
2010: Observations of the Crab pulsar with the Effelsberg radio telescope

Optical Telescopes:
2009: Observations of flare stars at the Skinakas Observatory (Crete/Greece)
2008: Observations of flare stars and T-Tauri stars at the Skinakas Observatory 
2007: Observations of comet 17/P Holmes at the Hamburg Observatory/University of Hamburg

Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes:
2013: Deputy shift leader at the MAGIC telescopes (La Palma/Spain)
2012: Operator at the MAGIC telescopes (La Palma/Spain)

Teaching Experience:
2012 - 2013: Supervision of master students at the Astronomy Department/University of Würzburg
2012: Supervision of Astrophysics lab course students at the Astronomy Department
/University of Würzburg

2013: Helena Kluyver Fellow at ASTRON (Dwingeloo/The Netherlands)

2015: PhD in Physics (Astronomy Department/University of Würzburg; Supervisor: K. Mannheim)
2010: Diploma in 
Physics (Hamburg Observatory/University of Hamburg; Supervisors: J. Schmitt, G. Kanbach)